Where are we now, and what’s next – an official communication from the DoWntime team

Welcome, dear readers!

After the continuous flow of content series 10 has brought to this blog, it seems like a good time to seat back and talk about our future a bit. Yes, “our” future, together and all that. We’re romantic that way. We like to talk to you like you’re a handsome guy/gal/pal we want to hit on at a little decrepit bar playing the last Kesha hit songs in a faraway ton. Sorry.

Because you could of course assume that the site is going into quasi-hibernation until Christmas and the arrival of Jodie Whittaker, our glorious Thirteenth Doctor, into the TARDIS – but no! There are plans being drawn. Of course, not all those plans are going to get off the ground right now; because some of them would require time, and most of all money, we don’t have right now. And while a Patreon seems absolutely like something we’ll end up doing eventually, we all think it’s only normal and fair to show our readers that we can sustain the blog and its quality levels on our own and for a while before asking for any kind of money. But some of those projects are going to materialize much sooner, and hopefully they’ll be very enjoyable for you!

Here goes a list.

  • From August forwards, we’ll be starting to put money into WordPress to supress all those pesky ads you’re getting. We’ve been told they make navigation on mobile kind of difficult. Hopefully that’ll help!
  • As you might have noticed, our new Doctor is female. This is one awesome piece of news, and we’re all overjoyed here. In fact, we’re so pleased we’re going to have a very special celebration next week – on Saturday, Tibère and Scribbles will be live-commenting the infamous Big Finish audio, “Exile”, aka the transphobic one with a female Doctor, before throwing it into the trashbins of history once and for all. Of course, it’s a rather tricky thing to set up a live you can watch as it unfolds with our level of equipment, so you’ll only get to read the final product. But don’t worry, it should be very funny. Especially if Tibère is trying to drown his sorrows. Which he will.
  • In two weeks and a bit, you’ll get a new weekly series on the site – entitled “Looking For Telos”, it’ll see Scribbles and Tibère marathoning the Classic series, watching a serial each week and offering thoughts and analysis!
  • Scribbles will be at Comic-Con next week, and will offer some coverage from there! He has promised many “blurry, shitty photos”. Trust him.

And of course, we’ll be preparing all throughout the year to set-up some really cool coverage of series 11, with a large panel of guests, old and new! We’ve been aware that the series 10 coverage might have been a bit lacking in diversity of commentators, and that is something we intend to fix, or at least try to fix, going forwards!

Thank you once again for reading and appreciating (or not!) the content we are putting forward on this blog – watch Who, and be happy!


Andrew, Sam and Kevin

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