TIBERIAN THOUGHTS – Sheffield Steel, or a Subjective Look at the Thirteenth Doctor #11: “Resolution”

And so, the long journey of soul-searching the show has gone on over a few months ends.

Resolution” isn’t, of course, some kind of revolutionary masterpiece. But it is, very much notably, completely breaking away from the style Chibnall developed in his Whittaker episodes so far  – empty meditations about absence, a dramatization of the collapse of Who itself, call it what you want. As in the show, and its lead writer, had sort of decided to stop lamenting its inability to rise up to the task, and decided to go “eh, whatever, let’s try”; inverting the set-up of “The Woman who Fell to Earth” as to proclaim that this is the real beginning, that the previous statement of purpose of the era wasn’t quite the right one, and that now we can properly get to business. It’s quite like his work on Torchwood: broad, and kind of sloppy, but it has an energy and a truthfulness to it, bits of brilliance shining through.

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BIT OF ADRENALINE, DASH OF OUTRAGE – Our Thoughts on “Resolution”

Ruth Long (@UndiscoveredAdv on Twitter) is a writer, amateur graphic designer, and animal lover, best-known as the co-lead writer of Clara Oswald: The Untold Adventures, a fan-written project following the character of Clara after the events of Hell Bent (the trailer for which is now available on Twitter). You can also catch her on the odd Who podcast, writing meta, or waffling about this, that, or the other on forums. Her favourite Doctor is Peter Capaldi (and if she’s being really cheeky, Jenna Coleman).

Caitlin Smith (@bossy_Clara on Twitter) is writer and student from Australia, and she is also a co-lead writer on Clara Oswald: The Untold Adventures along with Ruth. She used to write meta on tumblr as abossycontrolfreak, now she just waffles on twitter and occasionally has something interesting to say. She’s also a regular on the Eruditorum Presscast. Her favourite Doctor is Clara Oswald.

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