A. L. Belmont thinks Nikolay Gogol should write an episode of Doctor Who. Her favorite Doctors are the Third and Twelfth Doctors, but she believes there’ll room enough in her heart for all of them when she’s watched/listened to them.

James Blanchard (@Heaven_5ent) is a Steven Moffat fanboy with all the philosophical nous and insight of Jean-Paul Sartre, and his good looks to go with it, too

Enigma ( ) is someone who really doesn’t know how to describe herself beyond being non-binary, but still working out the whole pronoun thing. So, um … to all who come to this happy place, welcome, Disneyland is your land.

Ed Goundrey-Smith (@funkenpaldi) is a lover of the Pond era, a Capaldi-devotee, and a fanfiction scribe. Also drinks tea.

Ruth “The Lazy Cat” Long ( ) is the world’s leading expert on Clara Oswald and has contributed to multiple works on the character, including the book “101 Claras to see“.

Z. P. Moo (@Z_P_Moo) is a cow who watches Doctor Who a lot. (He may or may not REALLY be a cow called “moo” but that’s what he tells us.) According to some accounts he’s a human that studies physics for a living, but claiming he’s an anthropomorphic Gallifreyan cow is much more fun. Also contributor on Warped Factor.

Janine Rivers runs one of the best Who blogs out there ( ), founded Doctor Who ( ), and generally is the spiritual mother of DoWntime.

William Shaw is a blogger, poet, and all round amateur from Sheffield. You can find him writing about theatre, sci-fi, and memes at and you can find him writing haiku poetry about Doctor Who at

Ricky Starr doesn’t do much, apart from sing badly and analyse the Capaldi era even more badly. He thinks Steven Moffat is a genius, the Beano is high art and pesto goes well with fish fingers, so make of that what you will.

George Wellard is our resident Ninth Doctor fanatic, who spends most of his days watching, thinking or talking about Doctor Who.



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