ASSESSING STRESS, AUDIO EDITION – Bernice Summerfield: True Stories (audiobook)

Spoiler-free thoughts:

TIBERE: So this is something a bit different, isn’t it? Not an audio drama, but an audiobook. There of course has been a long, long tradition of Bernice Summerfield books in Big Finish, sometimes criss-crossing with the Main Range – and they have gone back to it this year, as a sort of fun aside, going beyond the main plot of sets III and IV.

SCRIBBLES: The main thing, really, is that this book exists for people like me who are griping that Benny hasn’t gotten quite enough to do in the Unbound universe arc, which, in the most recent set in particular, has favored the Doctor’s perspective. It’s something, really, you’ll know from that whether you want to get. It’s not the most world-changing set of stories ever, though there is one piece in here I’d go to bat for and say is one of the finest explorations of the Unbound universe setting ever and is worth digging into for that alone, but really, it exists to satiate a very specific appetite. There’s limitations in how far it can go with that: I rather wish the Benny relating past stories format was taken beyond just the Unbound time period so we could see more of her with her old gang, which I dearly miss. The New Adventures reboot, good as it has been, has felt like a bit of a distraction from that world. But in the meantime, this will do, and that seems to be exactly what it was made for. It scratches one particular itch not everybody will have, but I personally am very glad to have it scratched.

TIBERE: It basically exists only as comfort food for hardcore Benny fans. Which, thankfully, we both are. It’s not something you’re necessarily going to want to check out if you’ve discovered her through the New Adventures range and aren’t interested in something else – but if you’re nostalgic for the original Benny range, this is a good way to recapture the feel of it all. Regardless of the quality – consistent, but not especially high – of the stories, this really exists to have a set of Benny stories that are pure, classic, unadulterated Benny stories. Down to bringing back Kate Orman to pen the opening tale – her last contribution to the range being the original text of “Walking to Babylon”, adapted as an audio by Jac Rayner in 1999. That’s … That’s some Rona Munro shit right there. But eh! It’s nice fanservice. I felt appropriately catered to. Not going to say it’s the best thing under the sun, but it’s an excellent way to spend a few hours (and, at around five hours for ten pounds, it’s a nice deal, too).

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ASSESSING STRESS – THE BOOK CLUB: “Now We Are Six Hundred” – a guest review of a Who poetry book

by Will Shaw


It’s a fair question why this book exists. With Doctor Who off the air until Christmas and Jodie Whittaker on the horizon, the decision to release a poetry collection, of all things, is  inscrutable. Its author, James Goss, has been writing Doctor Who spinoff material for more than a decade, and its illustrator is Russell T Davies, who famously revived the series in 2005. The result is a book that feels stuck in the past, and its overall tone is wildly confused. It’s hard not to be disappointed, as a fan of both Doctor Who and poetry in general. Now We Are Six Hundred is a wasted opportunity, a funny little footnote on the way to better things.

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