THE BIG FINISH ROUND-UP – February 2019: Dick Zodiac, the Uncanny Valley, & Scottish Writers

Welcome to DoWntime’s monthly coverage of all the shiny new audios from the corporate overlords at Big Finish dot com. It’s fresh, it’s exciting, it aims to be spoiler-free but will have to make sacrifices here and there in order to discuss with a critical eye – and it’s back after a few months of silence, spent working on some really cool projects that sadly are still hush-hush. Enjoy.

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THE BIG FINISH ROUND-UP – August & September 2018: Communists, Gal Pals, Genocide & a Dog Detective

Welcome to DoWntime’s increasingly late column, Assessing Stress. Or … rather, its new, renamed iteration.

In order to get the site more focused on analytical content, we’re premiering a new formula for these posts, getting straight to the essential of the past month’s releases. Or, well, past two months, in that case. These new round-ups aim to be as low on spoilers as possible and give the readers a taste of what to expect, but critical discussion will sometimes require sacrifices, which will be annotated accordingly.

The Lady Christina set got its own coverage – and the Class sets might still receive theirs, or will be found on one of the following months’ round-ups.


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