τέλος • (télosn (genitive τέλεος or τέλους); third declension

completion, accomplishment, fulfillment, perfection, consummation

The Whoniverse is wide, and rich, and crazy.

And sometimes, bits of it go overlooked. There’s no way around it, we, at DoWntime, are children of the New Series. Our cultural sensibilities and our tastes in Who have been shaped by it. And of course, when we’re embarking in the big task of producing Discourse, we naturally tend to tackle recent events, controversies and stories. But that doesn’t mean the twenty-six seasons of Classic Who are undeserving of some in-depth coverage – and what better way to deliver said coverage than to watch it.

ALL of it. In order. Without skipping anything. That includes the movies. And the fan videos of the 90s. Yes, even “When Being You Just Isn’t Enough”.

This epic endeavour starts here. And from now on, each week (or at least, we’ll try to stick to that!) will bring to you a full commentary of a Classic serial, delivered by the experts hands of Scribbles & Tibbles. They’re going to sit down together (or as together as a Californian and a Frenchman can get), watch the episode, comment it, and then try to summarize their opinions in a hopefully insightful and entertaining form.

Of course, they’re not going in quite blind. Scribbles has already seen every single Classic serial, but it’s always a nice opportunity to re-discover things and adopt a different perspective on certain stories. And Tibère, well, he has seen some bits. Most of McCoy and Colin Baker. Bits of Tommy B. ; a sprinkle of Davison. But mostly he’s embarking on his maiden voyage here.

A voyage that’ll surely be full of ridiculously contrarian opinions, awful memes and possibly a bit of alcohol. It’s all about offering a new, hopefully original perspective on those stories, powered that we are by the belief that the real Classic gems often go overlooked while other stories get slightly undeserved praise. Of course, that perspective is the one of pretentious, faux-intellectual nerds, but come on, if you read the site you know that by now, so hopefully that’s a good PR argument.

We did establish one rule, though, to preserve poor Tibère’s sanity – at the end of each Classic season, he’ll get to take the reins for one week and submit Scribbles to a piece of non-Who media of his choosing. In retaliation for being forced into this project at gunpoint and PLEASE PLEASE DON’T HURT ME I WILL DO ANYTHING I SWEAR I’LL EVEN REWATCH GENESIS OF THE DALEKS.

“Ahem”. Outside of that, it’s all Classic Who. We’re looking for our telos, and it starts now.